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This page is dedicated to our other little ones...BRANDY, SHALEE, AND XENOS.

Here's Brandy..and that little pile of a kitten named Smokey

Brandy sunning on the patio.

Shalee says, "You can't sneak up on me fatboy."
Here's Shalee
Shalee at her most squaky.
the Animals all together
Brandy, Shalee, and Xenos all together.
the Animals still all together
Brandy, Shalee, and Xenos STILL all together.
Our Brandy
This is our Brandy just lounging.
Our Brandy
This Brandy in Logan's room.
Our Crazy Xenos
Our newest addition...Xenos.
Our Crazy Xenos
Xenos, the crazy stranger!
Our Crazy Xenos
One more of Xenos.
Our Crazy Xenos
Another more of Xenos.
Brandy and her momma.
Here's Brandy and Valarie.
The Animals surround the daddy.
Here's Richard surrounded by the Animals!