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"I've got some bath toys for you." (9 months old)

Logan in the bath (9 months old).

Logan in the bath (9 months old).

"Hey! A little privacy please." (9 months old).

"Yea I'm a big boy." (9 months)

Logan and his spinning rattle top. (9 months)

BUSTED!!! (9 months)

"I'm too cute to be bad." (9 months)

"You can't escape my incredible crawling power!" (9 months)

Logan and his cousin Marvin playing Gameboy. (9 months)

..."and this is my fully pimped out walker." (9 months)

"I've already told can't escape me." (9 months)

"I had to put Brandy outside, she was bad and I am the law." (9 months)

"I like table." (9 months)

"Hey cousin Marvin, look at all this stuff I can chew on." (9 months)

"Marvin, you going to help me get this train?" (9 months old)

"Come on!" (9 months old)

"I've got you know Elmo, your evil train driving days are over." (9 months old)