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The Gute Scoop for April 5th 2000

Batgirl Pin up Penciled by Matt Roberts
Inked by ME

Whew! I got back from a weekend that I won't soon forget. I went to the MegaCon in Orlando Florida and was able to make a series of good contacts with other comic inkers and even talked to a few editors at a couple companies. I got generally positive feedback on my portfolio and I'm very hopeful that sometime soon I'll get that call or e-mail that will get me work.

Val and I went today and got the info on Logan's progress. He's doing well well and should be here in about 4 weeks. I'm saying that he'll be 6 pounds 5 ounces in weight and around 21 inches long and be here on the 5th of May. As long as he's heathly and mamma is alright that's all that matters.

The Gute Scoop for March 26th 2000

Scan soon to come
Page 5 Inked

Been real busy finishing up the inks I'm going to take with me to Orlando con this weekend. As you can see to the left I finished Page 5 and I think it turned out ok. I made some adjustments to Page 4 after talking with Sean and, as always, he was right. I also did a Batgirl pin up penciled by Matt and that can be seen on my inking website.

Val and I finished watching our birthing video last night and we are as ready as we are going to get. Less than 6 weeks left till little Logan Xavier is here! Wow!!

The Gute Scoop for March 21st 2000

Scan soon to come
Page 4 Inked

Finised inking page 4 from the Spider-Man sample. Quick lesson on what an inker's job is. After a penciler has penciled a drawing, the inker goes in with ink and fills in the blacks and adds line weights to try and bring the piece to life.

Spoke to Matt today and he told me about this cool art contest that he entered and made it passed the 1st round. Now it's my turn to see what I can do. Weeeeee.

The Gute Scoop for March 17th 2000

Scan soon to come
Page 4

Today I redid my index page for my inking site..not a huge difference but enough to keep me happy. And as You can see I finally added a couple more scans to this page...weeeeee. I started page 4 of the Spidey sample...those are the pencils at the left...I'm about 50% done with it at this point. I hope to be able to finish it by Sunday.

Saturday is Val's Birthday and we are going to eat at a French resturant called Bouban. Not exactly sure what I'm going to eat, maybe I'll have some duck or something.

Signed up today to start a internet radio station. It will be called WGUTE and will play the best of R&B and Hip Hop. Everyone from LL Cool J to Boys II Men to Kool and the Gang. There were some technical difficulties, butI'm hoping to have it up by Monday.

The Gute Scoop for March 15th 2000

Scan soon to come
Inked Piece

I went over to Sean's house today and filled in some blacks and did some backgrounds on 4 pages for Gamibt #18. They were real cool pages with Crossbones, Deadpool, and a number of other assassians trying to kill Gambit. Sean also gave me some more great critique on my inks, as I get ready for the Orlando Convention...which is now 2 weeks away!

Val stopped by thier place, after she went shopping and her and I, along with Sean his wife Christina and little girl Cassidy, went out for dinner. We stayed out wayyyyyy later than we planned and I was dead tired by the time we got back home.

The Gute Scoop for March 13th 2000

Scan soon to come
Page 3 inked

Today's the start of another week and the Orlando Comic Convention is get ever...ever so close. I've decided to take at least 3 pages of Matt's along with a page I inked over Mike Zeck and then one over Anthony Williams. You can see them on my inking website by clicking HERE and clicking on the artist's name. i'll probably take one more piece...if I can get the time.

As you can tell, I've yet to finish even one of the Spidey pages that Matt has sent. It's taking me so much longer than I thought. I think I'm being to anal on this first page and the others will start to flow real well once I've got this one under my least I hope.

I'm also really thinking about redesigning my inking web site and the fanfiction site too. I guess after seeing the same thing over and over again I'm just itching for something different. Not sure what I'm going to do but I want it to be different than what's there.

The Gute Scoop for March 7th 2000

Scan soon to come
Animus Page

Bore down and finished the Animus pageÖwhew. Now all I have to do is go get copies of Mattís stuff so I can start those tomorrow. I figure I can get these 3 pages done by the 12th. I hope I can get the next set by the 15th so Iíll have that week to finish them.

Valís B-day is coming up on the 18th and Iím trying to find something to do, either together or for her by herself. She needs some "her" time.

Going to the Dentist on the 15th, donít think theyíll pull anything then, just give me a consultation. Oh well weíll see.

The Gute Scoop for March 6th 2000

Page 3

Letís see what happened to me today. Been battling a pain in my left jaw. Probably my wisdom teeth growing in side ways. Need to get those taken out.

Got the first 3 pages from Matt today to start the inking sample for the Orlando Con in April. The pages are super! Matt is a superior talent. Iím getting psyched to get back to Florida and see Ricky. You never know how much you can miss someone or something until you canít see them everyday.

Also started a sample page for a book called "Animus" for Radio Comix. Iím hoping to be done by the 8th because I really need to get the Spidey pages of Mattís done. I donít want to take to much time on the Animus page.

Didnít really do any inking tonight. Just sat and vegged in front of the TV with Val and the animals. Logan was very active this evening. I could really feel him flipping and kicking around. Itís getting real close to the due dateÖman I canít wait.